What are cookies?

The Adittec website uses cookies. These are small text files which are downloaded to the user’s device when they visit a website and which store information on how many times the user has visited the website and what they were interested in. At the next visit to the website, Adittec can access the data which were gathered by the cookies on the user’s device.

Cookies usually contain the name of the server from which the cookie has been sent, the life span of the cookie, and a value – this is usually a randomly generated unique number. They do not contain any personal information or information, from which the user could be identified, as the cookie itself does not contain or gather information. Furthermore, it is not possible to determine who is using the device that is accessing the website. However, if the cookie is read by the server together with the web browser, the website can use that information to provide user friendlier services.

Advertisements on the website can also contain cookies or other technologies. These advertisements are provided by advertising agencies of third parties and Adittec has no control over them. Furthermore, Adittec does not take any responsibility or liability for the use of cookies or other technologies used in advertisements, nor for the use or disclosure of data gathered by the advertisement cookies.

Why are cookies important?

Cookies help us to ensure a better, user friendlier and customized operation and presentation of the website. In addition, cookies help Adittec to analyse the users and keep records of their visits (for statistical purposes) and provide a more effective communication with the user. Data gathered through cookies is used to identify the user, who has already visited our website, to track the website activity in order to respond to the user’s needs, to enable automatic completion of on-line forms with the user’s personal data, and to facilitate the visit to the website in general.

Which cookies do we use?

Our websites use two types of cookies:

  1. Cookies for storing priority selections and preferences which act as identifiers of the website’s user. Data gathered through these cookies are not shared with third parties and are used solely for the purposes of our own analysis and additional improvement of the content and functionality of the website.
  2. Cookies for recording and analysing statistics of visits and clicks on the website. For analytical purposes, we also use the Google Analytics tool. More information on cookies of the Google Analytics service and privacy.

Google Analytics is used on all our websites. Cookies linked with this tool are the following:

  • __utma (duration of up to 2 years),
  • __utmb (up to 1 day),
  • __utmc (session cookie),
  • __utmz (up to 6 months).

What are the settings for cookies?

Most web browsers automatically accept cookies. Authorizations for the installation of cookies can be set by the user, who has the possibility to change, customize, and cancel them at any time even in the browser used for accessing the website. Information on cookie settings in individual browsers is available at the following links:

If you do not agree with the use of cookies, you can limit their acceptance, refuse, or delete them with appropriate browser settings. However, that may limit your communication with the website, as its functionality may be impaired and some of its features might be disabled. Even after you turn off all the cookies, the browser will continue to receive certain information necessary for the operation of our website.