Reduce the negative effects of layoffs and retain your reputation as an employer

An unpredictable business environment means that employers are faced with various challenges: takeovers, mergers, downsizing of operations, moving operations to different countries, retirements, which all force employers to also optimise the number of people employed. At Adittec, we try to minimise these unpleasant events with the help of tried and tested methods of communication and trained professionals.

Outplacement is an initiative where employees who are being laid off are offered support, counselling and motivation with the purpose of alleviating the traumatic life event and helping them find new employment as soon as possible.

Advantages for companies:

  • Easier and faster realisation of layoffs
  • Creating relationships with laid off employees therefore reducing the chances of compensation claims
  • Greater employee productivity for those staying in the company
  • Avoiding mistakes in communication within the company as well as with the public
  • Manager training
  • Retain the company’s reputation

Advantages for laid off employees:

  • Professional support with motivation and feelings of insecurity regarding the future
  • Career coaching (consulting, education and help looking for and starting work at a new job)
  • A wide knowledge of the market and the various employment possibilities
  • Professional help after starting work