The unpredictability of the business environment has become a permanent factor and requires companies to quickly adapt to the demands of the market. Hiring temporary personnel is the most adaptable way of gaining new people to meet temporary demands or to assess the suitability of a candidate without need to hire.
With this service it is easier for you to plan costs and reduce the amount of administrative work required, as well as free yourself of the obligations and risks of direct employment.

If you need:

  • Personnel to cover an increase in demand,
  • Personnel to replace staff on sick leave,
  • Specialised personnel to carry out a temporary project, or
  • An expert that can solve a unique problem (on-site),

we can arrange for you to temporarily hire technical and professional personnel through our agency and subsequently arrange employment after the work has been completed, if you would like to do so.

We offer services that include:

Hiring temporary personnel; personnel search and selection, administrative procedures of recruitment, managing HR records and salary calculation, taking on labour law risks, quickly responding to current personnel needs, assess the suitability of personnel without risk as well as HR consulting.

Hiring pre-selected personnel; you can hire your selected personnel through us and reduce costs, while also benefiting from modern HR solutions we are offering.

An Adittec expert in your company; this generates many additional advantages over the standard hiring of personnel and increases hired personnel satisfaction and their productivity.

Our business partners trust us because we offer:

  • The possibility of hiring a larger number of candidates,
  • A simple and adjustable overview of work hours and work costs (that is provided for you using a modern information system for HR records and salary calculation),
  • The effective management of administration and data regarding hired workers,
  • Responsiveness, professionalism and proactiveness in our consultants,
  • Many years of experience in personnel recruitment, as well as
  • The option of a longer payment period.