We prepare you for the job market of the future. Attract the best candidates to work at your company..

Marketing is important for the promotion of your brand for the end user or customer, while also playing an important role in the creation of your image as a good employer to attract new, talented personnel and to motivate and reduce the fluctuation of employees in the company.

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of marketing, our creativity and innovative ways of attracting personnel, we can help you stand out as an employer, come into contact with talented candidates and build a relationship with them before they even begin thinking about working for you.

We build the employer’s brand using numerous communications channels such as social media, websites, employment advertisements, internal handbooks on employment, recruitment events and other activities that feature the employer.

Our services include:

  • Analysis and consulting on building an employer’s brand
  • Bonuses and benefits for employees
  • Innovative channels to reach candidates
  • Communications support on social media
  • Creation of effective employment ads
  • Company career site
  • Print materials for recruitment
  • Participating in recruitment events
  • The recruitment process of candidate within a company