We connect you with the best candidates

Selecting the best candidate for each job position is a very important process. On the basis of many years of experience we recognise that each recruitment process is different, which is why we start each one with a fresh approach and advise you on the best process for you.

Why are we so successful in searching for and selecting technical and professional personnel?

1. Because we are in constant contact with the professional field and potential candidates

As a specialised agency we are constantly in contact with the professional field both in Slovenia and abroad due to our connections with key players. With the help of innovative communications approaches, high-quality international candidate databases and networking, we always know who are the top experts in each field, what their expectations are, as well as when are they open to new job opportunities.

2. Because we keep up to date with market needs and recognise the needs of our partners

We take an in-depth interest in the operations and organisational culture of your company and carefully study the needs and benefits of each job position. Based on our knowledge of the job market conditions and evaluations of candidate availability, we can advise you on how to attract the best candidates and determine who is the best candidate for your company.

3. Because our recruitment process is quick and effective

We offer our partners a selection of high-quality, verified candidates in the form of easily reviewable profiles. All the candidates we offer go through a verification process that includes an interview, checking their references, a psychometric test, as well as testing their expertise and skills that are specified for each field. Besides formal knowledge, we pay special attention to assessing personality characteristics and values that affect the compatibility of the candidate with the organisational culture of the company.

4. Because we provide a positive experience for candidates

Candidates who are satisfied with our recruitment process share their positive experience with their colleagues and friends, which gives us an opportunity to directly connect you with exceptional individuals who are not available through the standard channels.

5. Because we continuously keep track of the results of our services

Even after a successful recruitment, we monitor the success of you company and the candidates that you hired through our agency. This enables us to maintain the high level of our services and improve the process of personnel search and selection.

6. Because we take on the risk and give you a guarantee on our services

We are so sure of our expertise and experience that we offer a guarantee on all our services. If you are not satisfied with the selected candidate or they leave your company on their own volition within the first 90 days of employment, we will find a new candidate free of charge or refund your money. The assumption of risk on our part provides you with additional safety.